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By Dopey Diva

Anyone who has been to Disney World knows how long the wait time for the Peter Pan ride can be. In fact when anyone asks me for suggestions on what top 3 rides they should pick for their fast pass + choices I always tell them to pick Peter Pan’s Flight.  No, it’s not a thrill ride like Big Thunder, Splash, or Space Mountain but it is a ride I personally think everyone should ride at least one time when they are in the Magic Kingdom.  The wait time for Peter Pan can be anywhere from 45 minutes to up to 2 hours on a busy day. Plus the line for Peter Pan’s wait was incredibly boring to wait in…up until now!  Where there once were  bathrooms there is now an incredibly imaginative queue for Peter Pan, which is also interactive. Normally my family and I do NOT wait in line for Peter Pan, we always make sure we have a fast pass for it but on our most recent trip to the Magic Kingdom it happened to be raining that morning. When we got to the park it wasn’t very crowded yet so we checked the wait time for Peter Pan and it was only 25 minutes. We decided this would be the perfect time to check out the new queue.


When you enter the doorway into the new queue you will see many different pictures on the walls all pertaining to the Peter Pan movie. After this hallway you enter the world of the Darling residence. There is a window with a view into the home of the Darling’s and Nana is outside sulking in her dog house. As you turn a corner you will soon find yourself in the Darling home where there are portraits of Wendy, Michael, and John on the wall. Next you enter the bedroom/ nursery of the children. There is a large door that overlooks the streets of London and many different items you would find in the children’s bedrooms. This is where the interactive part begins. First you will see the beds of Michael and John.


Next to them is a wall containing different shadows that change as you wait in line. Here you are able to “play shadow” on the wall. There is one shadow that shows bells hanging from the ceiling and when you raise your hand (or your head) the shadow of them will hit the bells and they will make noises. There are also butterfly shadows and you are able to hold your hand up and the butterfly shadows will land on the shadow of your hand. At one point Peter Pan’s shadow suddenly appeared on the wall!



After the boys beds you will see Wendy’s bed. You may have to wait a minute or two, but if you do you will see the pixie dust of Tinker Bell as she flies around Wendy’s bedroom and into her dresser drawer.  She even runs into a portrait on the wall and knocks it sideways, then fixes it again.



Once you leave the bedrooms you then enter another hallway where Tinker Bell also flies around and here is where you are able to be sprinkled with Pixie Dust. Once you have been sprinkled it is time to think your happy thoughts and get ready for your amazing ride through Peter Pan’s Flight.

Even though I don’t normally recommend spending that much time waiting in line for a ride this queue is definitely a must see at least one time. My suggestion would be to head to the Magic Kingdom in time for rope drop and head straight to Peter Pan’s Flight  for your first ride of the day!