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unbirthday party 006HAPPY Un-Birthday everybody!!! The Diva household had their Un-Birthday party yesterday and had a great time so we thought we’d share all the fun with you. I’m working on putting together a video so you can see some of the really fun things!
When we arrived the kids first had to go “down the rabbit hole.” This consisted of riding down the stairs on your stomach, through a hulahoop and under a covered table. When you came out you were officially in wonderland.
unbirthday party 002
After that we stumbled on some drinks that said “Drink Me” and since we were feeling curious we drank them and got VERY BIG.unbirthday party 013
And then we found some small cakes labeled “eat me” and since we were feeling curious and very very large, we decided to give them a try also! unbirthday party 012
And suddenly we were just the right size for a tea-party. We found a mad hatter who was busy telling awful jokes with the March Hare (who was part card, 9 of hearts specifically). We asked if someone was having a birthday party and they explained that it was actually an UN-birthday party! We discovered it was all of OUR unbirthday’s too so we joined the party!unbirthday party 017
We had to switch chairs many times tough because the silly Hatter kept saying “Clean Cup, Clean Cup, MOVE DOWN!”
There was a delightful cake with just enough candles for each person at the party to blow out one.
unbirthday party 019
But seeing as we are all mad in this house, we kept having issues with who was going to blow out each candle and accidently blowing out more than one. So we just decided to light them all for each person, sing happy un-birthday to each person, and let them make a wish. That’s the cool part about un-birthdays, you can light the candles as many times as you want.
unbirthday party 023unbirthday party 025unbirthday party 028unbirthday party 029
Finally it was time to drink our tea and enjoy our sweets. Luckily we all remembered to keep our pinkies UP!
unbirthday party 031unbirthday party 033unbirthday party 034 And Grammy had found here very old Alice in Wonderland book that she had as a child and she read us some of it.
unbirthday party 035 unbirthday party 036
After finishing our tea it was finally time for games.
unbirthday party 038 Grammy and the children had made up the games the day before and had already practiced them prior to the party.
We started with Pin the smile on the cheshire cant (who sort of looked like a deranged squirrel).
unbirthday party 041 unbirthday party 042
unbirthday party 043
Some did better than others.
unbirthday party 045unbirthday party 047
After that we moved outside for the “late races”.
In this game you first had to hop like a bunny, then turn around and crawl like a turtle, wiggle like a little piggie, and finally squirm like a caterpillar.
unbirthday party 050
We then moved inside (since it was 108 degrees outside, for serious) to have the Queen of hearts freeze- dance party.
We concluded with a proper game of croquet. Complete with flamingo colored mallets.
unbirthday party 052 unbirthday party 055
And a fun day was had by all! Total money spent $20.00. Not a bad way to make a memory that will last a LIFETIME!
Are you planning YOUR un-birthday party yet? It doesn’t have to be this elaborate, it just has to be FUN!