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By Dopey Diva

   If you are in the Magic Kingdom and  beginning to feel the crowds are growing and the wait times for your favorite rides are more than you are willing to wait- I have a great idea for a little break!
 The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House located in Adventureland.
This tree house  is based on the 1960 Disney film Swiss Family Robinson.  For the first time in my many trips to Disney World, I decided to take the time to walk through this attraction. I say every year before going to Disney World that I will do it, but I always seem to find something better to do. With all the rides and character meet and greets and parades in the Magic Kingdom, this  may not seem like an interesting attraction at Disney- especially to kids these days who probably don’t even know who the Swiss Family Robinson is. Since I had a morning by myself with my two boys, ages 14 and 3,  I decided it was a great time to check it out. They both loved it. It is definitely an attraction that is suitable for all ages.
The Swiss Family Tree house  is a self guided walk through tour that consists of  a lot of walking. The climb contains 116 stairs and is 6 stories in height upon reaching the top. There are only stairs going up and down, no ropes or ladders that might be a little more dangerous for younger children. This was a great way for my little guy to get out of his stroller and burn off some energy! It is normally not crowded so kids can run around and enjoy themselves. Most of the area is shaded as well so it makes for a nice break from the hot sun. Keep in mind though, the tree house is not stroller or wheelchair accessible, and it is also not meant for those who are afraid of heights. The tree house, which is man made, contains 1400 limbs constructed of steel coated cement and 300,000 plastic leaves which were attached by hand. Inside the tree house are rooms designed to look  just like the movie. The living room features mahogany furniture and the large wheel from the shipwrecked boat. The kitchen contains a stone hearth and oven while the library holds antique books and a desk. The crows nest is  where you will find the hammock and chest and clothing strewn about. At the top of the tree house you will find the jungle lookout which has amazing panoramic views of the Magic Kingdom.

 I felt  this was definitely worth taking the time to check out! My boys loved the climbing and the views from high atop the trees and it was a nice break from some of the crowded rides and other attractions. Besides who wouldn’t love admiring this view from the top of the tree house. Next time you are in the Magic Kingdom make sure to make a little time to check it out!