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By the Toy Story Fanatic Devo

Disneyland The Things I Put Off Doing

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It feels like Disneyland will be closed forever and it’s driving me nuts! Disney Magic Kingdoms doesn’t do it for me and Disneyland Adventures, while being close, just isn’t the real thing. But the park will open again. I have faith in it, and today I’m thinking about all the opportunities and experiences I wanted to have at Disneyland but I kept putting off till “next time”.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson! No more putting it off till next time. Here’s my list of things I kept putting off but never again!

Character Interactions: Comic Book Edition

I know that this is a big appeal to the parks anyway, but I always put them off. I go to Disneyland for the rides and the shows. But next time I’m going to do character interactions but in a big and unique way. I’m going to have them sign comic books.

Comic books are my jam. And since the last time I’ve gone I’ve had the epiphany that I could get the characters to not only sign my autograph book or travel journal (which, by the way, great idea. Check the article on that) but I could get them to sign other things too! Toys, VHS sleeves, t-shirts, my neighbor’s first-born child, whatever! So I’ve got a big collection of Disney/ Marvel/ Star Wars comics that I’m going to get my favorite characters to sign. Can you imagine a Captain America comic signed by Captain America! How cool is that!

Disneyland- The Things I've been Putting Off

We could go on forever about how many books there are you could use, but I won’t. Here’s just some that I’d probably take with me.

If this is an idea that you find fun and fancy-free then you are in luck. Disney comics are quite extensive and (usually) really good. There’s a comic book for every kind of character. the articles linked above will take you to some that I’ve found and you can click this link here to find a comic shop near you where you can find a plethora of Ducktales, Incredibles, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Tangled, (at this point the writer goes on to list a billion other titles. Don’t worry. We’re moderately sure he’s OK).

Build a lightsaber (Finally!)

Yeah. Galaxies Edge has popped up since my last visit. But ever since Star Tours has been around the custom “Build your own lightsaber” stand has been around too, though admittedly cheaper in quality to what you will get at Galaxies Edge. I’ve always liked the idea of building your own lightsaber an arts and crafts way of expressing personality and I’m going to finally do it. I’ll get the experience at galaxies edge and really see what that’s all about. It’ll be fun. Thankfully the wonderful Disney Magic Diva wrote an article detailing everything I need to know about that particular experience.

Eat the Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza Port– home of the food of the future which I guess means the future is full of cheeseburger pizza. I’ve been putting it off because it’s not the most appetizing sound but you know what? I’m going to try it.

Along with the cheeseburger pizza, there’s a lot of food I’m surprised I haven’t tried. I, like many I’m sure, get a little wishy-washy about eating at the parks. It’s expensive and I have limited time and I’d rather go on the Indiana Jones Adventure for the 17th time. But by thunder (mountain) it’s time I really experience the culinary culture. So next time, I’ll try the pizza. I’ll sample the treats. And if it’s gross then I’ll deal with it then and if it’s not then that’s even better!

Disneybound In Park

Disneyland Things I've been Putting Off

I dunno… anyone have ideas on how to make “cow vest” not look tacky? The great conundrum of our age.

Did you know that Disney does not allow anyone over the age of 14 to wear actual costumes at their parks? I guess the problem is at that point you could be mistaken for the actual in-parks character. To counteract this, the act of ‘Disneybounding’ was invented. This is when you wear normal clothing that is inspired through pattern and color by a Disney character. It’s like a secret costume. (for more information, you can check out our article on it here).

Now I Disneybound a bit at home and it’s always fun but I’ve never done so in the parks. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve never been very good at it. So next time I go I’m going to try it out. Thankfully the internet is no stranger to the subject and there’s a lot of idea boards out there.

There you are. Those are just some of the things I’ve been putting off on my Disneyland trips but I’ll definitely do these next time. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until you can’t have it anymore. Once Disneyland opens back up, I’m going to take advantage of it.

And if you need to take more advantage of your Disneyland vacation, we at Divas like to use All For Dreams to help plan our vacations. They rock over there and really help you get the most bang for your buck, something your Uncle Scrooge would really approve of. And hey, until that next time remember to keep wishing on stars.

My name is Taylor Campbell. I don't like cats, I have a Sweet recipe for Fish Custard, I love Disney, I love comic books, and I'm an eternal Student of everything. Thank you for reading, liking and sharing with your friends!